California Certified Family Law Specialist

What is a California Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS)?


California Certified Family Law SpecialistA Family Law attorney who becomes a California Certified Family Law Specialist has normally put in years of actual experience as a practitioner and has also passed an exam that tests the ability to think, assess the facts and apply the law.

Many individuals seeking to hire a family law attorney stop and ask, “what is a Certified Family Law Specialist?”

Per the State Bar of California as of June 11, 2012 there were 1158 Certified Family Law Specialist in California and 129 of those were located in Orange County.

The California State Bar recognizes family law as all facets of the California Family Code and including, but not limited to, the following: mediation and/or negotiation of family law disputes, psychological and counseling aspects of family law, child custody in any forum, public enforcement of child support, post-marital agreements, non-marital domestic relationships, taxation issues incident to family law practice, enforcement proceedings, contempt, family law writ; appellate practice.

Moreover, a California Certified Family Law Specialist must prove considerable, genuine knowledge in the following areas of the California Family Law Code:

• Taxation issues relevant to a dissolution of marriage
• Child support
• Child custody
• Support modifications
• TRO – Temporary Restraining Orders/domestic violence
• Spousal support/Alimony
• Divorce/Dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or nullity of marriage litigation
• Division of community assets/property
• Confirmation of separate property
• Mediation/Negotiation of family law disputes
• Contempt/Enforcement proceedings
• Understand child development and other matters regarding the emotional and psychological concerns of families

Further, a certified family law specialist is required to partake in a considerable amount of training and education and pass an arduous written exam.

What does hiring a California Certified Family Law Specialist mean?

You are ensured of having counsel with the greatest level of education and skill established by the legal profession. California law prohibits attorneys from claiming they are  “specialists” or “experts” if they have not attained certified specialization.

The California Bar Association, recognized, Attorney Bettina L. Yanez as a Family Law Specialist, only after she passed a multitude of prerequisites based on knowledge, testing, skill and was judged positively in an evaluation by judges and attorneys.

Countless attorneys practice Family Law, but with a Certified Family Law Specialist you are guaranteed of retaining a family law attorney at your side with the highest degree of skilled excellence attainable.

The Family Law Firm of Yanez & Associates is devoted to giving the utmost excellence legal representation to clients confronting all forms of family law issues.

If you have a pressing family law matter, please call us now to schedule your free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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