Executive Divorce Lawyers in Orange County California

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executive divorce lawyer orange county

executive divorce lawyer orange county

Sanctuary and self-reliance, the custody and safety of children, the constancy and self-esteem of individuals, and the yearning for an improved outlook: these are the vital matters in family law cases. Knowledgeable seasoned family law attorneys ready to handle complex high-profile executive divorce cases.

Our firm recognizes the complexity of executive divorce cases and what is needed to attain positive results.

Attorney Bettina L. Yanez is a well-known Orange County Certified Family Law Specialist offering comprehensive legal services to Southern California clients.

Our clients choose our firm for reasons such as:

• Our assertiveness, experienced and established results in the way we handle divorce cases.

• Our ability for finding resolutions in complicated divorce and child custody cases.

We convey a variety of legal methods when helping our clients reach their objectives.

We can assist you in protecting your family and your assets.

Schedule your free consultation regarding:

• Divorce Cases
• Modifications
• Child Visitation
• Asset division
• Child Custody Cases
• Child Support Cases
• Spousal Support/Alimony
• Restraining Orders/TRO
• Domestic Violence/Abuse

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