Two types of Divorce, Contested and Uncontested

Two types of Divorce, Contested and Uncontested

contested vs uncontested divorce california

Contested vs Uncontested divorce California

Divorce is a complicated state of affairs for the parties implicated. Apart from painful feelings and the devastation of a bond, the heat-breaking matters of asset division and custody encounters can also develop.

Divorce and separation are similar but quite different. Separation does not have much of a legal consequence. On the other hand, in a divorce, the court orders the termination of the marriage.

Contested vs Uncontested divorce California

Today we recognize two types of Divorce, Contested and Uncontested.

In a contested divorce, the wife and husband cannot settle on one or several issues associated to the termination of their union. In other words, the parties are unable to come to a meeting of the minds even though their attorneys consoled them; therefore, the matters must now be taken before the court. It is now in the hands of the court and the court’s decision will be the final ruling. Usually your attorney has knowledge as to the judge’s past rulings. Some judges have the reputation of swinging towards a certain gender or issue.

Contested divorces are a frequent development, given that there are multiple matters to be worked out among the party that has chosen to terminate their marriage. Issues that will arise are as follow but not limited to the list.

• Child custody
• Child support
• Division of property
• Spousal support - Alimony

An uncontested Divorce is when the parties agree on all matters involved in the termination of their marriage. Agree, is the key word here where both parties came to their senses and decided to come to term; otherwise, the judge would have made the final decision that perhaps neither wife nor husband enjoy. Not to mention the money the parties saved by not having to spend it on their attorneys.

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