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OC California Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Divorce Mediation Attorneys Orange County

OC California Divorce Mediation Attorneys: One of the biggest challenges of many divorces comes down to making decisions. When two people choose to part ways, legally, they must divide their debts and assets, they have to decide how to divide their time with any children, and they have to make sure that both parties and all children are financially provided for. When it comes to making decisions about the best way to divide time and money, a lot of couples do not agree.

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I need help understanding Divorce Mediation in Orange County CA

What is Divorce Mediation?

Do you need help understanding Divorce Mediation in Orange County CA: When a couple decides to divorce, the terms of the divorce need to be determined. Terms of every divorce are unique, and some couples may have more to discuss than others. Usually, divorces can include the following terms.

• The division of community assets and debts;
• Child custody and visitation;
• Child support; and
• Spousal support.

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OC California Divorce Mediation Process

The Divorce Mediation Process in California

OC California Divorce Mediation Process: The process of divorce mediation in California is different for every couple. One of the benefits of mediation is that it allows the divorcing couple to have control over the divorce process and the resulting divorce settlement, so the way that your divorce mediation goes is partially up to you, your spouse, and your mediator.

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