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What are temporary orders for?

A divorce can seem confusing at many points of the process. During an extensive divorce, you may hear your attorney talk about obtaining temporary or interim orders. Temporary orders are vital during the divorce process because they lay the ground rules while a divorce is pending. Since divorces often take more than a year, judges…
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Filing Your Divorce Case: Step Two

The next step in filing for divorce is to actually file the forms with the court clerk. Present all the forms (originals and copies) to the court clerk where he/she will review them. If there are no glaring issues, the clerk will stamp all the copies as 'filed' and return them to you, keeping the…
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You filed for divorce, now what?

Often parties file for divorce without a qualified attorney’s assistance and become frustrated because they do not know how to move the case along. I am told, “I filed for divorce and I am waiting for the court to send me my court date”. You will not automatically receive a court date. If you want…
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