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Divorce or Mediation in Orange County California

Deciding whether to use divorce or mediation proceedings for terminating marriage is a major decision. If you are unsure of both processes it is important to consult with a legal professional. It is helpful to perhaps meet with a divorce attorney as well as a mediator. Both parties will let you know what processes are involved as…
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What Issues Are Involved With a Divorce?

If you are contemplating filing for divorce it is important to know what options are available to you. First, you may want to speak with friends or family that have previously gone through the typical court proceedings or perhaps mediation sessions. It is helpful to know the difference between filing a divorce and going to…
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How Will Child Custody be Decided?

There are several method of going about getting child custody. Here are a few methods that parties have the option of utilizing. First, mediation, this means going to a third party who is unbiased and seeking their expertise to come to a decision. Second, if the parents are able they can work out a custody…
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