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What are the Causes of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can be triggered due to a variety of reasons. Some primary reasons have been found to be stress related. It is important that we educate caregivers on how to cope with stress. In addition, we need to provide these caregivers with resources to support groups. Talking out stressful issues that are experienced can…
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What Services are Provided for Caregivers to Eliminate Elder Abuse?

Many are unaware of the multitude of services available for caregivers and the elderly population. Local agencies provide educational classes to their staff regarding dynamics between the elderly individual and the care provider. In addition, the agency trains their staff to be able to spot elder abuse cases and when to report them. Signs that…
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Preventing Elder Abuse Help and Information

Preventing Elder Abuse Help often goes under the radar. This topic is not often discussed with the public. Seniors often fear reporting elder abuse that they encounter. Due to low awareness of elder abuse society often has trouble identifying elder abuse when and if it is witnessed. It is important to check in with seniors as often…
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