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What is a Child Custody Evaluation?

In order to assist in determining what is in the best interests of the child, the court sometimes appoints a child custody evaluator. The child custody evaluator considers the health, safety, welfare and best interest of the child regarding custody and visitation issues. Generally, the child custody evaluator conducts interviews with the parents, children, other…
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Holiday Divorce

If you are interested in divorce you may want to consider your child's best interests. During the holidays you may not want to produce so much stress for you and your family. If it is necessary to file for divorce during the holidays you may want to speak with several attorneys regarding your legal options.…
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Divorce During the Holiday Season

Divorce is stressful in itself, the holiday season may produce additional stress. It is important for the parents to remember what is in the child's best interest. Often it is easy to get caught up in the divorce dispute but don't lose sight of what is truly important. Here are some strategies for managing your…
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