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Tired of dealing with a deadbeat parent? This Women was

A Palm City women, Krista Cromwell is said to have been at her wits end and tired of filing contempt action after contempt action against Tyler Archibald of Martin County for not paying his court ordered child support.  Well, apparently Ms. Cromwell found a law that has not been used in quite a while that…
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Former NFL player, Terrell Owens paid back Child Support to avoid Jail.

The Associated Press has reported that former NFL player Terrell Owens entered into an agreement to pay back child support due to Ms. Melanie Smith in order to avoid possible jail time in a contempt of court action. The child support matter is being heard in Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia. The terms…
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What if I am Behind on Child Support Payments?

When a parent is behind on child support payments, that parent is considered “not in compliance” or “criminally non-compliant”.  If a payment was paid short or was a few days late, that parent would be considered “not in compliance”.  If a long time has passed since a payment or the parent is seriously delinquent in…
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