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Important Elder Law Information

Researching important elder law information is crucial to keeping seniors in our community safe. Elder law cases have been on the rise, therefore, is important that the elderly have a multitude of resources, and assistance easily available to them. If you feel that an elderly individually you know is being abused, please report the incident immediately. You…
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Reporting Elder Abuse in California

Learn about Reporting Elder Abuse in California In California, people over 65 years old are considered elders. It is important that you understand how to recognize elder abuse, how to report elder abuse, and the potential consequences of failing to report it.
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How is Elder Abuse Reported?

If you or someone you know witnesses elder abuse it is important to report the abuse right away. "How is elder abuse reported?", is a common question individuals ask each other. [caption id="attachment_9002" align="alignleft" width="201"] How is Elder Abuse Reported?[/caption] You must understand that, YOU need to only have the assumption that abuse is occurring.…
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