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When it comes to Orange County spousal support attorneys, many spouses are uneasy while going through a divorce or family law procedure that will determine their lively hood. At our family law firm we know that wisdom is strength and we labor to inform our clients on the progress of their case. We devote a considerable amount of time with our clients, collecting facts concerning their spousal support case; for instance, community assets, debts and the essential information required in order to design a winning strategy.

We labor to discover the complete range of their community property, so that we can safeguard an honest and just division of the assets, while securing a sound alimony award.

Our family law firm has the know-how when it comes to spousal support cases; hence, this allows us to manage multifaceted alimony cases, with a more inclusive method and our approach is proven in the results we achieve for our clients seeking spousal support.

Our mission is to have each client’s case decided justly and correctly. We are dedicated to an all-inclusive and calculated approach when it comes to obtaining the best possible results for our clients.

The State of California affords that spousal support may well be allowed to whichever spouse in association with a divorce or legal separation. Spousal support awards can be complicated. If you are seeking spousal support or you have been asked to pay alimony, it is best not to ignore the matter and retain a skilled spousal support attorney.

Our Orange County Family Law Firm, counsels our family law clients and carefully thrives to safeguard that their rights are defended and that any arrangement or order for support is reasonable and just.

Spousal support may possibly offer a spouse temporary financial support through the divorce procedure. Spousal support can also be awarded for a precise duration following the divorce or separation; however, a permanent order may be granted in some cases.

Spousal support is awarded by the family law court; though some parties may settle on an amount, then ask the court to make it official.

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Spousal support may be awarded by the Court only after reflection of all detailed parts, along with:

• Number of years married
• Established living style during the marriage
• Special needs of the spouse
• Debts and assets of both parties
• Income of both parties
• The best interest of the minor children
• Health and age of both parties
• The capacity to support themselves
• Tax ramification to the parties
• Sacrifice one gave towards the others education
• Domestic violence issues

Can the court ordered alimony be changed?

Yes, the alimony can be changed if it can be proven that a change in circumstances has occurred. For example if the spouse receiving spousal support is now receiving support from other sources such as a new partner; therefore, one can prove that the needs have diminished.

Further, alimony normally ends, once one of the parties passes or remarries. But if the parties agreed that alimony will not be modified in spite of changes in circumstances, then the support will never change.

Regardless you are the party disbursing alimony or the party getting alimony, it is essential you receive thorough legal information from an experienced family law attorney.

If trial is unavoidable, we will go to court in order to defend your rights and seek a fair outcome.

Our legal team labors thoroughly to settle, take legal action and design spousal support orders that are fair for our clients without compromising your rights.

From simple to complex alimony matters we have the know-how to help you to obtain a just award or the knowledge to help you in an existing support matter that needs a modification due to a change in circumstances.

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