How to Get ready for divorce court and Protect your Business During Divorce

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Getting ready for divorce court

OC divorce attorneys

OC divorce attorneys

Here are a few helpful tips for an upcoming day in court;

1. Summarize a list of all of your and your spouse's assets.

2. Summarize a list of all of your and your spouse's debts. Both of these lists will be used by the court to decide how to divide property and debts.

3. Make sure your list is backed up by paperwork and evidence. A fifty thousand dollar car on the list doesn't mean much without proof that it exists.

4. If you have witnesses, make sure they know what they will be asked so it will make you look good.

5. Visit a courtroom before your trial to become accustomed to what a divorce proceeding looks like. THis will take pressure off once it's your turn.

6. Practice testifying in a mirror or with a friend, this will also help calm your nerves.

Protecting a Business During Divorce

When a business is involved in a divorce, one party may want to keep total control over the property. Here are a few ways of how that could be possible.

1. Look for a good divorce attorney to protect your interests. A business is a large asset and is probably worth the legal fee to ensure you don't get the short end of a deal.

2. Use a pre-nuptial agreement before you get married. This is the most foolproof way to ensure the business isn't lost but takes some foresight and planning.

3. If you're already married, then signing a post-nuptial agreement may be an option. It acts exactly like a pre-nuptial agreement but is made during marriage.

4. The most difficult way to keep your business is to negotiate it during divorce proceedings. While you may have to give up your other assets, it could be worth it. Make sure your attorney knows this is your intention.

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immigrant visa petition (I-130)
Olivia Wilde’s Divorce

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