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Top Orange County Family Law Attorney

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My responsibility as a Top Orange County Family Law Attorney is to perform to the best of my ability untangling the defined legal matters while tackling the human issues; the hurt and dread of displacement and disbelief. I pay attention to my clients; I try to recognize and sympathize with the actual distress and disruption endured through trying times. My aspiration is to attempt to proceed with a case in a swift and professional approach. I will labor to settle your case through my skill and your participation. I am committed, to battle, to defend your legal rights in order to obtain peace of mind and happiness for your family. I strive to assist my clients in placing their children first in order to obtain a respectful yet equitable dissolution, through an amicable agreement or stipulated judgment.

Sometimes an amicable agreement cannot be achieved in spite of the hard work of attorneys and clients. If a hearing is essential, I have the legal expertise, ability and knowledge to competently represent you.

Top Orange County Family Law Attorney

Nothing is more exasperating to a client than poor communication. I will reply promptly to your calls and answer any questions you may have, in order to assure that you are kept informed.

My solid promise is to present skilled, professional, efficient and rock-solid legal representation.

Bettina L. Yanez, CFLS

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