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    Establishing paternity is both tremendously delicate and extremely important, bearing immense influence on both the child and parent with regards to educational matters, social and legal benefits, medical affairs, and more. Developing a relationship with your child and having a say in their life is critical to their long-term health, development, and success—and as a father, you are entitled to the same rights as a mother in seeing to their care.
    No matter what your situation is, we recognize the gravity of every paternity case, treating it with the diligence and dedication that your child deserves.


    The California Bar Association has admitted Bettina Yanez as a Family Law Specialist after passing a multitude of qualifications based on wisdom, testing, and skill as evaluated by the State Bar and recommended by judges and attorneys.

    By working with a certified family law specialist, that has helped fathers since the year 2000, you are assured to have legal representation with the uppermost level of skill and training recognized by the legal profession.

    Our family law firm is highly qualified to help fathers’ navigate through the legal field and advocate for the best interests of the children.


    Paternity assumptions depend on several factors: marital status and circumstances such as aided reproduction present a myriad of possible situations. In cases where paternity is uncertain, court-authorized genetic testing can provide an evidentiary foundation for deciding paternity disagreements, with meaningful consequences surrounding support, visitation, and other issues.
    Whether you are striving to both prove or invalidate paternity, working with a knowledgeable, experienced attorney is an essential step in protecting the rights and best interests of both yourself and the child.


    Paternity law can be complicated, but outcomes have an enormous impact on both yourself and the child, making it vital to fully understand and protect the rights of all parties involved. Take the first step and find out how our experienced team can help you navigate your paternity case by scheduling a free consultation through our contact form or by calling 714-971-8000.

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