Questions To Ask Before You Commit to marriage

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Questions to ask before you commit to marriage.

With over half of all marriages now leading somewhere other than the "happily ever after" ending, many people are wondering how they can avoid family court. Here are a few key questions to ask which unfortunately commonly get considered only during a divorce.

1. How should we spend our money?

This may seem like a common sense question, but many couples often disagree on how to spend/save, whether it is appropriate to be in debt, or what priorities come first when considering taking on new bills. Asking these questions early can stop arguments before they happen.

2. Do you want to start a family?

Again, on its surface this question seems like common sense, However, a surprising number of couples take for granted the answers of their significant others and run into big trouble later. And if you're not sure, then just say so.

3. Can you see us X number of years from now?

Commitment takes maturity, and maturity is being prepared for, or being able to handle long-term issues. Involved in this question is not simply the idyllic picture of an elderly couple holding hands. This question is also about taking care of each other when one person is ill, or simply having the foresight to envision growing old together.

4. How does this person handle problems and mistakes?

Another maturity level question, this is an important common sense intuition. The only sure fact of life is that life is unsure. There will be problems and mistakes so recovering from these obstacles often says more about a person than what they are like when life is going great. Warnings signs include inability to forgive, easily frustrated, or unable to cope with other's mistakes.

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What is a Prenuptial agreement?
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