Duties of a Guardian of the Person: Part 3

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Duties of a Guardian of the Person: Part 2

As a guardian, can the court request me to take on other responsibilities concerning the child?

Yes in fact the court requires that you submit a Status Report one every year. You will also be required to participate in meetings with any court investigator or visitors, and you may also be summoned to court occasionally to discuss the progress of the child. The court can also order you to take on other duties or can place special conditions on you as guardian, if needed.

Do the parents have any rights when the child is in my care?

The parents are still the legal parents of the child but you, the guardian, are the only one with the legal right to make decisions about the child's welfare and you are responsible for raising the child.

The parents of the child may have court ordered visitation rights, but only you or the court may decide when and how often they have contact with each other.

If the parent's situation changes and the court decides that they are ready to deliver a loving and safe home for the child, they may get custody of the child back.

Can I get help if the child has problems?

There are agencies in Orange County that help children from troubled homes or even physical and/or learning disabilities. Every child is different and have their own story to tell, some have come from abusive homes, some might need counseling or other services. While the child is in your care try to provide everything they need, not just food and shelter but emotional support as well. There are many services out there to help and for more information  get in touch with some important resources and to learn more about your rights as a guardian.

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What is Supervised Visitation in Orange County?
Duties of a Guardian of the Person: Part 2

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