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What is Family Law?

On occasion, there may be a need for someone to take a temporary guardianship of a child. This is often because of an emergency and the guardianship must be established in a hurry, for example:

- in case of a medical emergency where decisions need to be made immediately about the medical care of a child,
- if the child needs to be enrolled into a school,
- the child's parent is a minor themselves,
- Both the child's parents are unable to properly care for the child because they are incarcerated, incapacitated, absent from the child's life or dead.

In cases like the above, you can petition the court for temporary guardianship so that the child well receive the proper care under your watch. To obtain this, you must prove that there is a true need and a 'good cause' for such an action before the judge will grant you temporary care of the child. As the title claims, this guardianship is only temporary and will end when a permanent guardian is appointed by the court so it's best to file for a general guardianship at the same time so that the child might not have to be removed from your care.

If you are requesting an emergency temporary guardianship of a person only, fill out the Petition for Appointment of Temporary Guardian of the Person


Fill out the Petition for Appointment of Temporary Guardian if you are also seeking guardianship of the child's estate; Order Appointing Temporary GuardianLetters of Temporary Guardianship; and any other forms the court in your county requires.

For guardianship matters contact the Certified Family Law Specialist to help you with family law legal issues. You can contact us @ 714-971-8000 or complete the family law contact form.

Family Law Matters
What is Family Law?

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