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A restraining order attorney can help you with accusations of domestic violence. If the domestic violence accusations are factual, they have an effect on all parties involved, physically and mentally. Restraining orders in California are designed to protect  individuals and families that are in peril.

What is domestic violence and how can a restraining order attorney help?

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Domestic violence is described as mistreatment that takes place within a family. The violence may be bodily, sexual, and/or emotional. When a person reports an occurrence of domestic violence, the individual being accused may be charged with domestic violence by the legal system. In California, an individual can still be prosecuted with a domestic violence charge even if the assumed victim does not press charges. California takes domestic violence allegations very seriously.

Even if the domestic violence accusations are false, the individual being charged with the domestic violence will need to protect their good name from such accusations. Having a domestic violence charge on ones record can affect ones employment. This is just another good reason to contact a skilled restraining order attorney in your area.

In California, a domestic violence matter can also be treated as a criminal law matter, not just a family law matter. In some cases a criminal matter will be heard before the family law matter is presented, in order to prevent the family law findings from being introduced into the criminal law case.

Our Family Law Firm offers experienced, assertive and efficient counsel for our clients in Orange County and surrounding areas. Whether you are claiming that you and/or your child(ren) are victims of domestic abuse, or you are being accused, we are skilled and experienced and are prepared to champion on your behalf. Once you retain our Family Law Firm, we will undertake the needed steps to safeguard your rights.

Our Restraining Order Attorney will advice you through the complex lawful procedures having to do with your domestic violence case.
California laws are intended to avoid violence among family, and dating individuals. The laws safeguard all couples regardless of preference.

Restraining orders may be issued upon request in order to prevent future violence

California grants protective orders to insure the safety of the injured party and to make available a lawful system for charging the perpetrator and ensuring they are held responsible for their actions.

If a perpetrator ignores a protective order, the perpetrator may be incarcerated.

If domestic violence is about to happen and the Court is not in session, one can ask for help from their local police station in order to acquire an emergency protective order. An emergency protective order is good for five business days from the time it was issued.

Who may apply for a restraining order?

• Any individual who is in a direct risk of domestic abuse
• Any child who is in a direct risk of violence from a household member
• Any child who is in a direct risk of being abducted by a family member
• Any adult who is in a direct risk of peril

To schedule a free consultation with one of our family law attorneys in Orange County, regarding a restraining orders, please call us anytime 714-520-5330. If you are a victim of domestic violence, our skilled domestic violence attorneys can help you acquire a protective order in order to help give you and your family peace of mind.

If you need a defense team to champion for you because of allegations of domestic violence, please call us now, so that we can discuss your legal matter. From our experience, individuals that have been accused of domestic violence need experienced counsel to help them understand the law and prevent them from escalating the matter.

Our Family Law Firm concentrates on family law cases in Orange County and neighboring communities.

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Less Expensive Divorce Alternative
Spousal support attorney Orange County

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