Elder Abuse: Can you get a Restraining Order?

What does Family Law Consist of?
Types of Restraining Orders

If you an elder/dependent adult or you know of one who is being abused, you can request a restraining order. To qualify, the elder or dependent adult must be 65 years or older or a dependent adult and you must have been:

-Financially abused,
-Physically abused,
-Emotionally abused,
-Psychologically abused,
-Not having your basic needs taken care of,
-Deprived services or items that you need to be safe/avoid pain and suffering.

You should call the Senior Legal Hotline at 1-800-222-1753 and they will get you in touch with an agency in your area. If you are sure that you qualify for a restraining order (or need help to check if you qualify), you can ask for the forms to fill out from your lawyer or a self-help center. They can also help and advise you of the proper course of actions.

Free legal help may be available to you and you can inquire about these at your self-help center. There may be a local legal aid or other nonprofit agency that helps people with elder or dependent adult abuse restraining orders

If we can be of any help with family law issues, please contact the Certified Family Law Specialist practicing in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.

What does Family Law Consist of?
Types of Restraining Orders

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