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Can I afford an Attorney?

You almost certainly know of individuals who bore the agonies of a divorce; moreover, you possibly know individuals that went through the divorce without a worry.

Why are some divorces practical and others disastrous and complex?

To some it seems straightforward, just “sit down and work out the issues with your spouse”, but in reality some couples cannot say a word without insulting each other.

Some parties seek out mediation to help them reach an agreement. The agreements can cover issues such as, whom will raise the children, what will happen to the home, how will the community property be divided; visitation …etc.

For those couples that are fortunate to be able to work out an amicable agreement when it comes to, the children, money; assets, they tend to move on quicker with their lives.

The divorce lawyer you retain plays a critical role in your divorce proceedings. The divorce attorney should have some clue as to how to proceed with your case without filing unnecessary motions or finding creative ways to use up the retainer. Therefore, it is important you retain the right counsel.

Certified Family Law Specialist

Certified Family Law Specialist

At the Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates we take the approach of looking out for the best interest of the children and keeping the process civil. Attorney Yanez is a California Certified Family Law Specialist with a background in psychology that understands and knows how to work with a myriad of personalities. Moreover, she is an expert in all matters dealing with Family Law issues.

Attorney Yanez is a mother of three and married for over thirty years and understands the importance of a family union. She experienced the divorce process as a young child when her parents divorced; therefore, understands the pain a child endures during a divorce.

Family Law Attorney Yanez will always try to reach out to the opposing side to first try to reach an amicable divorce in order to keep cost down for the client. She will try to negotiate with the opposing side always keeping her clients best interest in mind.

Family Law Specialist Attorney Bettina Yanez does not make it her practice to be aggressive. However, she is assertive and firm when it comes to the letter of the law. A battle of attorneys does not help the clients; it only lines the pockets of the attorneys.

Even worse, if there are children, the dispute drains not only your pocketbook, but also your children's well being.

After the legal bout is over, trying to launch a routine ongoing parenting line of communication between both parents and the children can be very tough. Rebuilding a burned bridge can take years.

Certain family law attorneys are testing a system called "collaborative practice," in which the clients and attorneys concur that they will not go to court but will communicate information willingly and work together toward a resolution. Collaborative attorneys will take cases only where the other spouse has also retained a collaborative attorney, and the attorneys sign a contract that, if the case cannot be resolved, the parties have to retain other lawyers for litigation. This approach eliminates the attorneys' financial motivation to go to court and urges everyone to settle earlier.

Burbank Family Law Department Closed
Can I afford an Attorney?

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