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Spousal Support Orders in Orange County California

Spousal Support Orders in Orange County In California, when a married couple legally separates or divorces, one party may be legally obligated to pay a specified amount of money to the other each month. This is called spousal support, or alimony. There are two circumstances under which a spousal support order can be granted: • When a couple obtains a legal separation, a divorce, or an annulment; or • When one spouse acquires a domestic violence restraining order against the other.
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Spousal support attorney Orange County

[caption id="attachment_7660" align="alignleft" width="201"] spousal support attorney services[/caption] When it comes to Orange County spousal support attorneys, many spouses are uneasy while going through a divorce or family law procedure that will determine their lively hood. At our family law firm we know that wisdom is strength and we labor to inform our clients on…
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