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Spousal Support Information

California Family Code §4326 discusses some point regarding spousal support that may be worth noting.  Under certain circumstances, the termination of child support may constitute a change of circumstance sufficient to allow a party to file for modification of the child support order.  One detail to be aware of is that the motion to modify…
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Difference Between Spousal Support and Alimony?

There is no difference between the term “spousal support” and what other states call “alimony.”  Just as California prefers to use the term “dissolution” when terminating a marriage, rather than “divorce,” California also prefers the term “spousal support,” rather than “alimony.” Both involve the determination of support necessary to assist an ex spouse.  In California,…
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How Do I get Alimony?

Here are some factors that determine whether alimony is awarded and how alimony is determined: 1) The ability of each party to pay 2) The needs of the parties 3) The age and health may be taken into account 4) If the parties acquire a job will this change the ability of the parents to…
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