What Does a Mediator Do In a Divorce Case

If you are asking the question, What Does a Mediator do in a Divorce Case, then you have come to the right place. Mediators are able to assist both parties in reaching an amicable agreement regarding pending divorce issues. This is an alternative to the divorce process. It is important to understand what both processes entail before deciding what steps to take.

It is important to conduct some research into the steps to take for a mediation or divorce process. Research can be conducted online, at the library, or by inquiring with family and friends. Next, you will want to consult with an attorney to get feedback on your particular case matter. During the first initial consultation you will want to ask what the cost will be, and if any payment options are available.

What Does a Mediator Do In a Divorce Case

What Does a Mediator Do In a Divorce Case
Bettina Yanez

The mediation sessions are typically a more affordable option for parties. These sessions are in a more private setting. Typically, the sessions involve a neutral third party mediator, and the two parties attempting to reach an amicable agreement. The mediator is in charge of keeping the flow of conversation between the two parties. It is important that a mediator is present to ensure that none of the parties are monopolizing the session. Each party will be allotted an equal and fair amount of time to voice their concerns. Moreover, throughout the mediation session the mediator will ensure that the parties are being respectful of one another and following the ground rules.

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