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Top Family Law & Divorce Attorneys for California - Call Us 24/7 or email us at to schedule your Free Consultation!

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For your convienince, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Amerian Express, Discovers; Debit cards.

For your convienince, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Amerian Express, Discovers; Debit cards.

Located Two Blocks South of Lamoreaux Justice Center “Superior Court of Orange County”

Family Law & Divorce Law Offices in Orange County  

Orange County Family Law offices of
625 The City Dr S
Orange, California 92868
PHONE: (714) 971-8000
FAX: (714) 971-8020

If you are looking for a Family Law Firm with a proven track record that gets results, your search is over!

Family law attorney Orange County Ca free consultation

family law attorney orange county ca free consultation

Family law attorneys in Orange County Ca offer a free consultation

If you need to file for a divorce or if you have a family law issue to resolve, you need an attorney who will work for your best interests and will provide you with the information to make informed decisions. If you are unsure how best to proceed, here are some reasons why we are the best firm for your legal needs.


  • Certified Family Law Specialist in California
  • We are experienced, seasoned Family Law Attorneys
  • We are established and well known for our integrity
  • Approved minor’s counsel in Orange County
  • Our Attorneys are bilingual




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625 The City Drive S, #490, Orange CA 92868

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