What Does Reasonable Visitation Really Mean?

Ever wonder what it really means when a Judge awards a party Reasonable Visitation of the children?  This type of order, is often accompanied by one parent being granted sole physical and legal custody while the other parent is given “reasonable visitation”.

The parent with reasonable visitation often feels that the other parent controls and decides what is reasonable.  At times this can lead to limited visitation to the noncustodial parent. This interference with visitation can lead to continued disagreements between the parties.   When the court entrusts one parent with this decision as to the other parents visitation, the court hopes that the parties can agree on a parenting plan that will meet the parties’ schedules and be in the children’s best interest.

In order to avoid further litigation, the parties should try to work out a detailed parenting plan that includes not only the regular weekday visitation but one that also includes holidays, birthdays, special days, summer and out of state travel details if applicable.

If the parties can not agree they can make an appointment with a mediator who can guide and assist in developing a parenting agreement that respects each parents rights to share the children.

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